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Walt Disney Company Names CCIS Preferred Youth Travel Planner

Bryan Stevenson, President
[email protected]


Butler, PA. February 6, 2017 —

CCIS, Inc., a Butler, PA-based group travel planning firm specializing in student group travel, has been named a Preferred Youth Travel Planner by The Walt Disney Company for 2017-18.  Awarded to approximately 30 companies worldwide, the selection is based on a company’s work with Disney Youth Programs. It is the 3rd time since 2013-14 that CCIS has received this distinction.

Disney Youth Programs offers student groups performance, education, field trip and celebration opportunities at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Programs are available to schools and student groups ranging from kindergarten to college.

Since 1955 Disney Performing Arts has provided performance opportunities to give students a chance to play, sing, and dance in the spotlight. In Disney workshops, students can hone their skills under the guidance of an entertainment professional. Festival Disney offers band, orchestra, and choral ensembles the chance to compete in a Disney-produced music festival. Areas of interest include instrumental, vocal, dance, theatre, special events, competitions, and festivals.

In addition to the many Arts opportunities available to groups, Disney Youth Education Series allows students to see how the concepts they are learning in the classroom create the magic at Disney Parks. From physics to cultural studies to leadership, each unique program emphasizes the importance of teamwork and critical thinking skills while giving students a one-of-a-kind learning experience that blends the magic of Disney with key educational content.

Founded in Richmond, VA in 1993 by former public school educators, CCIS orchestrates their trips from beginning to end. The quality of the CCIS experience is not just the trip; it is who they are. From recognizing exceptional students through scholarship programs to appreciation programs for their clients, CCIS delivers a holistic experience. Student travel is an extension of an immersive education, and CCIS treats trip content and planning with customization and care. The company offers a full-service process from initial reach-out to post-trip follow-up and each curated experience utilizes the company’s four areas of focus: logistics, education, entertainment, and customer service.

With so many exceptional experiences to offer, there’s something for every student to discover. Learn more about Disney Youth Programs and CCIS by visiting their websites and following them on Facebook and other popular social media outlets.




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