“We were very happy with the trip. Thankful for how quickly everything was put together!”

Matt T. Band Director

“Every major trip I have taken with students has been facilitated and orchestrated through CCIS at a level of professionalism that is unmatched by other travel companies. In each opportunity to travel, my students have been respected and all their needs are consistently a priority during all aspects of our experience from start to finish. When our scheduled trip for 2020 was cancelled, CCIS worked to communicate their efforts to support our families in ways which ensured that no matter what situation the world puts us in, our students will proudly travel safely and happily with CCIS as our guide.”

Bryan W. Band Director

“We have been using CCIS for almost two decades, and after the way they handled our trip through the pandemic, we will undoubtedly continue for another two decades! COVID-19 hit about 1 month prior to our scheduled trip, although we had paid every invoice in full, we were forced to cancel. CCIS went above and beyond to recover as much of our expenses as possible, and we were able to reimburse our families almost 90% of their out of pocket expenses. Bryan and Hollie have your best interests at heart – and that model expands into every employee in their business.” 

Tom K. Band Director

“A great value, you get what you pay for. I have never been disappointed!”

Don K. Choir Director

“From the outset, CCIS impressed me with their organization and attention to detail. Armed with some basic requests and a price range, I didn’t receive a generic quote from them; I received a complete itinerary.”

Jason V. Band Director

“Even the pickiest parents were pleased!”

Ben B. Orchestra Director

“The kids had a great time. Its nice for the kids to be kids!

Jessica G. Orchestra Director

“The CCIS team has been an invaluable asset to overcoming our struggles throughout this COVID saga. As a district, we are pleased with their level of commitment and service to meeting our needs every year. Their follow-through is top-notch, and their honesty is appreciated. They want our music families to love trips and create lasting memories. They are keepers!”

Chaz S. Band Director & Sr. Class Sponsor

“Trip was fantastic. Bus was flawless. 110% satisfied with the trip, especially the group collect. Will definitely use CCIS again for a trip every year!”

Cody R. Band Director

“During the Spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to cancel our choir trip to Chicago. CCIS worked tirelessly to attain as much funding back from the vendors as possible, which contractually, they were not obligated to do. Being the customer friendly company they are, they were able to get my students refunded over 75% of their trip costs in less than 4 months. They also had open communication the entire time with letters from the president, and my personal CCIS representative texted and called with regular updates. I will continue my partnership with CCIS and highly encourage other directors to do the same.”

Bill K. Choir Director