Scholarship and Grants

Scholarship and Grant Programs

We recognize the importance of travel in creating students who become global citizens that are accepting of new ideas, embrace different cultures, and break down social and economic barriers.

Over the last 10 years, CCIS, Inc. has awarded nearly $130,000 in scholarships. These programs are available to all clients of CCIS, Inc., including CCIS and Discover Student Travel.

Student Travel Grants (up to $5,000 annually)

A CCIS Student Travel Grant is financial aid granted to individuals who have been nominated by a teacher or youth group leader and who meet criteria within three categories: Need; Initiative/Involvement; and Service/Citizenship.

Teacher Grant Program (up to $4,000 annually)

As a part of our ongoing commitment to support education, CCIS is now offering grants to educators that will enhance learning opportunities for their students. These grants are intended to help meet the funding challenges that a group might face because of budgetary shortfalls.

$1,000 National Scholarship

CCIS will continue to award a $1,000 National Scholarship each year. This scholarship is not based on financial need.