What has changed with student travel: The new reality.

We made it out of the peril that was 2020, but we are still seeing the long term effects within the travel and tourism industries. It comes as no surprise, but these industries were hit hard during the pandemic and are still finding ways to stay afloat. We compiled a list of some of the changes we’ve see within the student travel industry to help you prepare for your upcoming travel.

  1. Vendors can no longer hold space or reservations without deposits. It is important to have the money in hand during the planning stages.
  2. Staffing challenges stretch the entire industry from bus drivers, housekeeping,  servers to performers. Please be patient and understand everyone is trying their best.
  3. The industry is being re-developed. A lot of pre-Covid employees have found work elsewhere, meaning the employees you encounter may have never been in such a role, or had the luxury to experience the services being provided.
  4. Early hotel check-in and late check outs are a thing of the past.
  5. Hotels have significantly reduced services such as housekeeping, room service, recreation and concierge.
  6. Inflation and fuel costs are raising prices in every aspect of travel. Additional fees and charges may occur.
  7. Some destinations still practice Covid restrictions. Look ahead of time to see if a mask, distancing or even vaccination are required for entry.
  8. Cashless establishments are gaining popularity. Be sure to have ways for you and your group to make purchases that do not involve cash.
  9. People are still making up for lost time and finally feel safe to travel again which can cause crowding in popular destinations.
  10.  Many establishments and destinations have changed their operation and you may not be familiar with it any longer.

The key to post-Covid travel is flexibility. Take the challenges we are all facing into consideration and be prepared heading into your trip.

There is still much to see and do, with plenty of happy memories to be made!

What has changed with student travel: The new reality.

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